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Industrial tourism to Beijing Hyundai Auto Co. Ltd

source:Information Center of Shunyi District Government

Beijing Hyundai Auto Co. Ltd is located in Linhe Industrial Development Zone of Shunyi District. Since established on October 18th of 2002, the company has possessed two factories of whole vehicles, one factory of engines, as well as one technology center engaged to carry out independent development. For now, its productive ability for the complete vehicles is 500 thousand per year, and the engines 500 thousand. The factories cover 1810 thousand square meters of lands and have more than 5000 employees. So far, Beijing Hyundai Auto Co. Ltd is in possession of approximate 858 production robots, so as to make it enhance automatic level and also head other vehicle producers in China. The distribution and service net cover the whole country, with “4S” shops of 357 and service stations of 110. The company is now managing six series of vehicles, which are SONATA, ELANTRA, TUCSON, SONATA NF, ACCENT, and ELANTRA YD. Since its establishment, Beijing Hyundai Auto Co. Ltd has distributed more than 1.1 million vehicles and received about 277,366 visitors.

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